Digitization Complicates the ROI Process

Recently, the Association of Health Information Outsourcing Services (AHIOS) released the latest version of its "The Release of Information (ROI) Process" report. What once was a 32-step affair has been increased to 45 to better reflect the complexities of the ROI process in an EMR environment. The report's goal is to educate those requesting medical information on the many steps involved in meeting state and federal ROI regulations.


Amy Derlink, privacy and compliance officer at IOD Incorporated, an AHIOS-member company, notes that the 32-step process helped organizations comply when information was requested from a paper-based system. The arrival of new technology spurred AHIOS to reexamine ROI workflow. "As we've moved to an EMR, the new AHIOS graphic illustrates all the training and steps that must happen in order to release a record in accordance with all state and federal laws to protect patient privacy," Derlink says.