Legislative Initiatives

Through education, careful strategy and perseverance...

Through education, careful strategy and perseverance, AHIOS has had some of its greatest successes on the legislative and regulatory fronts. We have worked tirelessly on the state and national levels to inform lawmakers about the issues affecting the viability of the health information outsourcing industry, in particular fair and equitable compensation for release of information (ROI). When the ROI industry speaks with a united voice, lawmakers listen.

Among our accomplishments to date:

  • Persuading the federal government to increase by 70 percent the reimbursement rate for releasing and photocopying the medical records of Medicare patients.
  • Playing a major role in getting ROI fee laws on the books — critical to avoiding fee-related lawsuits — in about a dozen states.
  • Helping to adjust ROI rates in several states.
  • Persuading the federal government to clarify a provision of HIPAA that grants a reduced charge to patients requesting their own medical records so that attorneys are not included in the discounted rate as well.