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AHIOS Institute Certificate Program

Ahios InstituteThe AHIOS Institute Certificate Program is a rigorous exam that tests its members employees’ knowledge about how to protect the confidentiality of patients’ personal health information when that information is released to requestors. Because ROI is so complicated – and the liability threats so significant – the majority of hospitals outsource this necessary function to ensure they have access to staff with quality control, technology and healthcare expertise. The written exam includes a broad range of questions, covering the contents of a medical record to the components of a valid authorization for a record’s release. The largest section of the exam asks test takers what they would do when presented with a wide variety of hypothetical situations – for example, a sheriff asking for a patients medical records as part of a criminal investigation. An employee who receives a passing grade of 80 percent or higher will receive the designation of a Certified Release of Information Speacialist (CRIS) which indicates mastery of the field of release of information (ROI).

To learn more about the AHIOS Institute Certificate Program please contact Mariela Twiggs, MS, RHIA, CHP, FAHIMA, Past President of AHIOS at mtwiggs@mrocorp.com.


“The Certified Release of Information Specialist (CRIS) designation is a testament to one’s understanding of the complexities and risks associated with ROI and their ability to ensure that only authorized requestors see only the information they’re authorized to see. In the ROI Industry, a thorough understanding of the level of privacy and security of health information is essential, and this designation illustrates that.”

— Mariela Twiggs, MS, RHIA, CHP, FAHIMA, Past President of AHIOS